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Friday, 01 March 2019 20:16

In pursuance of the Joint Action Plan between 61st Strjama Mechanized Brigade and "Friends of the Army" club at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school, on 26th February 2019 in the town of Karlovo was held the subject of "Understanding the types of weapons and ways of safe handling with them". The students were instructed on the safety measures when handling weapons. They met a Kalashnikov machine, a Makarov pistol and a machine gun and showed the skills of disassembling and assembling a machine gun and a pistol.

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International Day for Combating Bullying (The day of the Pink T-shirt) PDF Print
Wednesday, 27 February 2019 13:53

At the "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school, Sopot, on  the last Wednesday of February was celebrated the International Day for Combating Bullying at School. All classes prepared thematic posters for classrooms. The so-called Day of the Pink T-shirt students and teachers followed the dress-rose, as a sign of mutual support and commitment to the campaign. The initiatives went under the slogan "Every minute you're angry with, you lose 60 seconds of happiness!". Seventh-grade volunteers prepared and gave pink messages to their classmates. At the beginning, they learned the story of the boys from Canada from a presentation.

In the long break, they organized a flashbob in the form of hearts. Students from the 6th grade gave their positive messages in English at https://www.facebook.com/SU-Ivan-Vazov-Sopot.

Let's Stop Violence, But Not for a Day!

Days of Digital Media Literacy at School PDF Print
Monday, 25 February 2019 16:48

In 2019 World Safer Internet Day was celebrated on February 5th under the motto "Together for Better Internet". The fourth-graders at the "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school of Sopot held a lesson in the school library on the topic "Surf safely" to promote the rules for safe surfing on the Internet. The students met the eight golden rules to feel safe on the Internet and watched the educational film: https://abc-promo.com/safe_internet/film.mp4.

They then shared and exchanged views and information about useful educational sites and games. The kids were very happy with the book "Surf Safe", a special gift from the author Justin Toms.

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