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Saturday, 23 March 2019 18:04

On 20th March 2019, the “ Friends  of the Army” Club was headed by Ralitsa Dimova - a teacher at “Ivan Vazov “ Secondary school. The organizers from 61st Stryma Mechanized Brigade, Karlovo provided the Anevo military field for the occupation. The pupils fired with a Kalashnikov machine, a Makarov gun and a machine gun. They learned to act on a command, got acquainted with mapping  and basic survival activities in extreme conditions. The day was filled with many emotions from the thrill of the target and the races won.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019 17:59

On the day of the spring equinox, first-grade students from “Ivan Vazov “ Secondary school, Sopot, said “good bye” to their first books ( Bukvars). In order to receive the next one( Chitanka), they went to an examination with Professor Alabalismo and Assynth Cassiopeia in the presence of parents and teachers. The students of Mrs. Ruseva and Mrs. Angelova handled the six tasks and received certificates. Writing letters, syllables, words and sentences, they entertained and cheered the audience. They turned the exam on a holiday with many songs, gifts, flowers and greetings. Ms. Radostina Georgieva – the head teacher of "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school surprised them with a delicious cake in the form of a book.

Number Pi – 3,14 PDF Print
Saturday, 16 March 2019 18:14

Mathematicians from 6th.B class at “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school - Sopot celebrated the Day of the number Pi. Today, because the date, 03.14 ... as it is written, gives the first figures of the mathematical constant 3.141592653. Mathematically enthusiastic, the students held a festive class in Mathematics, presenting thematic projects - tables, bracelets, T-shirts and sweets.

On 14th March 2019, mathematics teachers presented the magic portal to the world of Mathematics of all schoolchildren.

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