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From 28th to 31st of May 2019 teachers from 5 countries attended the Erasmus + program at the “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school in Sopot. The visit is business and is the final stage of work on the international project "Healthy life is a happy life". Within two years, teachers and students from 6 schools in Turkey, Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria learned and shared good practices related to healthy lifestyles and environmental protection.

On the first day the guests were welcomed at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school in an old Bulgarian tradition with bread and salt. They looked at the school, attended classes, joined the choreography class at the seventh grade, and studied the footsteps of the traditional Bulgarian dance “Pravo horo”. Project Manager Gulшен Toppu held the final working session with the coordinators. The hosts showed the tourist sights in Sopot and Karlovo.
The second day was subordinated to the healthy lifestyle - a walk through the Central Balkan to the “Dobrila” hut.
On the third day guests made a trip to the capital of culture - Plovdiv. They visited the neighborhood of "Trapani" Dzhumaya Square, religious temples, architectural historical reserve Old Plovdiv, the Ancient Theater, Tsar Simeon Garden.

The visit to Bulgaria of our partners brought them the smiles of our children, the beautiful nature, our foretold songs and dances and the aroma of the blossoming rose gardens

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Тhe day of the Secondary school “Ivan Vazov“ PDF Print
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Тhe day of the Secondary school “Ivan Vazov” began with awarding the "Student of the Year" and "Teacher of the Year" awards. The Director, Mrs. Radostina Georgieva, congratulated all the nominees and handed them certificates. Diplomas and prizes - books received the winners of the prize:

"Student of the Year - initial stage of learning"

1st degree - Silvia Zdravkova Stefanova - ІVb class

Grade II - Anastasia Dimilyanova Leonova - ІІІа class

Grade II - Stefani Dafinova Stoykova - ІІІа class

Grade III - Desislava Danailova Stepanova - ІІа class

Incentive Awards:

Axen Kadir Ali - Class II

Lilia Nikolaeva Zvezdarova - I class

Victoria Gancheva Pancheva - 1st Grade

"Student of the Year - High and Secondary Education"
1st degree - Niya Nikolaeva Novakova - VI class
Grade II - Diana Pavlova Todorova - VІb class
Grade III - Yanna Toncheva Lucheva - VІІ grade
Incentive Awards:
Nadezhda Yuryeva Raduycheva - VІІ grade
Atanas Petrov Pulev - VІb cl
"Teacher of the Year at Secondary school" Ivan Vazov ":
Vesselina Georgieva Miryanova, teacher of BEL and History and Civilization
The day continued with a variety of class events. Elementary students enthusiastically joined a workshop to produce the longest drawing. Maria Todorova, from RISE OF DICE - The Board Games, organizes an event for pupils from 5, 6. and 7th grade. She showed the kids that desktop games are an easy and affordable way to enjoy fun, full of emotion and an alternative to aimlessly digging into the phone. The most cheerful, the most noisy and emotional was the "Step by Step" workshop - with songs and dances from native folklore.


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