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Friday, 19 April 2019 18:32


За втори път "Младежки център Пловдив" гостува в СУ „Иван Вазов“-Сопот на 16.04.2019г. Във форума участваха учениците от 8-12 клас, с модератори Събина Бодурова – главен експерт в "Младежки център Пловдив" и Мишо Гръблев, докторант по Социология в катедра „Социология и науки за човека" към ПУ "Паисий Хилендарски".

В няколко модула младите хора получиха ценни познания в областта на гражданското образование: ключови компетенции и умения, подпомагащи личностното и професионално развитие, включване и участие в обществения живот. Чрез интересни и забавни презентации, лекции и ролеви игри, учениците учиха за бъдещите професии и похвати за успешно презентиране на своите идеи и качества, за преодоляване на страховете и повече самочувствие.



Sunday Adventures PDF Print
Thursday, 18 April 2019 05:45

The students from "We Are All Colors" at “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School - Sopot  held a Sunday session in the European Capital of Culture 2019. They went to Old Plovdiv, visited the Ancient Theater, visited exhibitions and watched "Be or not Romeo and Juliet", a production of Drama Theater "Stefan Kirov" - Sliven.

England, Renaissance, Romeo, Juliet, Enemy, Love, Death, the story is the same, the costumes are Renaissance, Shakespeare remains Shakespeare, but the play is modern, interactive and 22 of the audience were part of the show.


The role of Romeo and Juliet had the privilege of being Yana Luccheva and Atanas Pulev. Martin, Nadia, George and Vicki have also performed in different roles. Guides in this particular theatrical adventure were the two charmers from Aide BG - Christiana and Ivailo. It is always fun and interesting with them.

A Sports Feast PDF Print
Monday, 08 April 2019 08:55

On March 31st., 2019, the spring sports feast was held at  "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school. The students and teachers were widely involved in it. Everyone had the opportunity to appear according to their possibilities and desires. The final ranking depended on the number of participants and the achievements in the disciplines.

The medals were dazzled: 7th.B class with 1219 points, 6th.B class with 1222 points and the first ones with 1268 points. The winners of the in-house volleyball school were awarded certificates.

Congratulations to all the participants who turned the day before the holiday filled with lots of emotions and games.


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