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Friday, 22 March 2024 18:39

In the library of "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school - Sopot, an integrated lesson in literature and history was held for fourth and fifth grade students. Gergana Racheva - philologist, editor at Enthusiast publishing house, host of literary radio programs and moderator of creative meetings - took on the role of teacher.

She presented the book "Vampires, werewolves", with author Krasimir Mirchev and illustrator Viktor Paunov. Children's walks Bulgarian folk mythology in ancient times and today. They talked about the customs, beliefs and holiday calendar of the Bulgarians.

Opening the pages of "Journey Through Greek Mythology" by Marcella Ward and Sander Berg, students were immersed in the mystery of ancient civilizations, the legends of Orpheus and Eurydice, Europa and Zeus, Odysseus, Theseus, and the Minotaur. They connected mythological characters with modern fantasy books and historical films. They learned where proverbial phrases such as the Trojan horse and Pandora's box come from.

Mrs. Racheva donated the two books to the school library, with the wish that they would be read many times by inquisitive readers.

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Friday, 22 March 2024 18:35

И тази година в часовете по математика на 14 март в СУ „Иван Вазов“-Сопот госпожа Валентина Тодорова и госпожа Гергана Стоенчева провокираха учениците си да открият съвършенство на едно от най-популярните числа – ?.

Петокласниците проявиха творческо мислене и представиха образователни проекти за числото Пи и, възпроизвеждайки безкрайно дълги поредици от цифрите след десетичната му запетая.

Учениците от шестите класове сами достигнаха до новите знания в урока. Те се запознаха с числото Пи в урока за дължина на окръжност.С помощта на практическа работа направиха необходимите измервания и пресметнаха приблизителна стойност на числото Пи.

Седмокласниците представиха проекти и кръстословици с понятия от геометрията. Използвайки окръжност, измервайки вписани ъгли и дъги 8.А клас изработиха нестандартни мартеници и мандала.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2024 06:00

Students and teachers from "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school - Sopot visited the Republic of Cyprus. They visited and explored tourist attractions in Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol and Kiti.

At the invitation of the Bulgarian school "Rodna stryaha" - Βουλγαρικόσχολείο "Πατρογονικήεστία" participated in a celebration, dedicated to the 151st anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Freedom and Liberation Day.

With a presentation, presenting the city where the heroes from the work of the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature come to life, Cypriot children and their parents were transported to the Balkans, the Rose Valley and the streets of Sopot, which have preserved the traditions and heroic past throughout the centuries.

It also showed school projects proving the privilege and responsibility of studying at a school, named after Ivan Vazov.

With particular enthusiasm and excitement, everyone joined the March 3rd initiative of the Cyril and Methodius National Library for a group recitation of the poem "I am Bulgarian".

The students from "Rodna stryaha" school presented scenes from the drama "Under the Yoke" and the story "The Apostle in Predicament".

The celebration ended with poems about Vasil Levski and the "Lion Leap" competition.

In informal communication, students, teachers and parents talked and exchanged information about life, customs and cultural attractions in the two countries.

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