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На 12.02.2019 г., учениците от седмите класове на СУ „Иван Вазов“ - Сопот участваха в образователен урок, проведен от Дени Юнаков - инспектор в детска педагогическа стая към РУ на МВР - Карлово и Данаил Велев - младши полицейски инспектор в участък Сопот. Седмокласниците се запознаха с нормативни документи – Закон за закрила на детето, Закон за борба срещу противообществените прояви на малолетните и непълнолетните. Дискутираха за правата и отговорностите, за рисковете, за последиците от противообществени прояви и престъпления.

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A non-standard lesson “Can I say “No? PDF Print
Thursday, 17 January 2019 19:55

On 14.01.2019. the 5th.A and 5th.B grade students held a non-standard lesson on the theme "Can I say" NO! "?". Moderators of the training were Nadezhda Raychinova, Plamena Boneva and Tanya Ilieva from the Center for Public Support - Karlovo. The lesson began with a presentation on aggression, continued with a talk on behavioral patterns and techniques to deal with aggression. The students took part in role-playing games to resolve conflicts without violence and were convinced that a friendly hand, a good word, and resolving the argument with patience are good enough.


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Lesson of Patriotism PDF Print
Saturday, 12 January 2019 19:44

On January 13th, 2019, 141 years have passed since the Liberation of Sopot. Students from the 6th grade of the “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School held a one-hour class at the “Ivan Vazov” House Museum, dedicated to the events of 1877-1878. Veselina Miryanova, a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature and History, introduced them to the most important moments of the Russian-Turkish war. Borislava Petrova - director of the museum, told them about the dramatic events in Sopot. The students watched a film by Bulgarian History Association, read thematic stories and recited verses.

Everyone bent in front of the memory of thousands of heroes.

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