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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 17:19

         Today,  on the 29th of  March, 2010, Pippi Longstocking was a guest of  the students of  1st  grades at “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School,  on the occasion of  "A special holliday of the letters".
Students demonstrated that they c
ould read and write, and listened to his teachers. They recited poems and felt like actors. They told what would happen as they got older. Of course with pleasure Pipilota showed how to dance, and she advised them to participate in "Bulgaria is seeking talents. They asked some questions to teachers and parents and felt like a real "star reporters.

        After many reservations, Pippi finally promised
young students that after the Easter holidays she would be their classmate.

        Students received congratulations from Mrs. Ivelina Dusova –
an assistant- headmistress, from their class teachers: Maria Angelova and Christina Kaneva and from a parent - Mrs. Peeva. They were happy to receive gifts: books to read and a nice cake-book.

A good time on the road to knowledge, dear

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Приказно пътешествие PDF Print
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 17:04

В сряда /29 март/ учениците от 2-4 класове на СОУ”Иван Вазов”се запознаха с един “Разказвач на приказки”. Пътешестваха с петела Хопчо, вълнуваха се от любовта му към Сийка Скумрийка, спасиха го от Кума Лиса, изгасиха пожара в гората и му помогнаха отново да се върне в дома си при кака Гери. Всички деца си взеха поука от приключенията. Научиха песента за светофара и с удоволствие потанцувяха с петела, прасенцето и Гери.

Това бе един нетрадиционен час на класа, в който децата показаха своите знания и разбира се получиха нови, по безопастност на движението по пътищата и  защита от бедствия и аварии.

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A competition “"Young Olympian” PDF Print
Friday, 26 March 2010 18:16


         On 24 March at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school, on the initiative of Ralitsa Dimova, a teacher of physical culture and sports, held a competition "Young Olympian. Students from the 8 classes, divided into 3 teams went in for a competition. The teams bore the names of the symbols of this year's Winter Olympics in Canada: "Miga", "Sumi” and Kuatchi. Special guests were Veneta Pehlivanova – a Chairman of  company Trakiets and Penka Stoyanova, a former national basketball competitor. Both are worthy to represent Bulgaria in the Olympics.
          The race has turned into a few rounds.
At the start each team provide a presentation about the winter sports / Ski jump, Curling and Skating /. In the second round participants answered the questions related to the history of the Olympic Movement, IOC and Olympic Committee, Olympic symbols, winter sports. Then the students solved a crossword, including Olympic cities. Finally, they had the task to convey the message of the Olympic movement "Sport for a united peaceful world through Morse code. 
          Mrs. Stoyanova and Mrs.Pehlivanova recounted memories of the years of
their  sports activities, from their holdings of Olympiads and made their messages to the young generation. They surprised the participants  with an invitation to visit the Rowing base in Plovdiv.  They gave medals and certificates to the students.

Ist  place - team "Miga" /8a class /
IInd  place -  team "Kuatchi" /class/
IIIrd place - team “Sumi"/ class/

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