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Sunday, 27 December 2009 15:14

On 20 th of May 2009 the last school bell rang for students from 12 class of “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school.

A classroom remains empty. A classroom filled with memories of successes and failures, the laughter and merriment, the comic and tragic situations ... A classroom from which the school class of 2009 starts on its way.

”Good luck” said Mrs. Radostina Georgieva – a head teacher and their teacher in Bulgarian language and literature. Mr. Doncho Tashkov – a class teacher and a teacher of History and Gergana Bocheva – a student from 11a class also congratulated the young people.

Everyone received a message of life. Life, which will be filled with success and failures, but they must enter it as true school leavers - knowledgeable and capable young people.