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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 10:03

From 1st to 5th of May 2010 in Greece was held the last meeting on the project “ United in cultural diversity”. Students and teachers from "Ivan Vazov” Secondary School participated in events which had been organized by the hosts.

A touch to the cradle of the civilization - ancient ruins /Acropolis with the Parthenon, Erehtiona and the Temple of the goddess Nike, Arch of Hadrian, the Temple of Zeus, Syntagma and Omoniya Square, the Parliament, the Academy, the Library/. It was so exciting to see the originals of the pictures in the textbooks of literature and history in the modern glass building of the museum, built on the excavations and ruins. The Planetarium impressed with modern equipment and incredible 3D show. All guests had the opportunity to know Piraeus, to walk on the immense port, to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, to swim in the Aegean Sea. Trips by a ferry and a boat generated unforgettable emotions. We enjoyed the romantic walks around the Island of Poros and the Peloponnese Peninsula, the beautiful view, the quiet steep streets with neat houses, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers.

On the final meeting students and teachers from the host school gave a concert to the partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Turkey, local authorities and parents. They presented theatrical, musical and dance heritage of Greece. Special greeting to Bulgaria was the song "One Bulgarian Rose.

All partners were happy they had an opportunity to participate in this project. They will keep a lot of photos, memories and great friendships.

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