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Thursday, 28 April 2011 18:41

From 11/04/2011 to 17/04/2011 in Kecskemet, Hungary was held last, final project meeting on the project "Golden Treasure We Share". 10 students participated in the meeting -Diana Manolova, Stiliyana Stoyanova, Ivelina Mineva, Donka Atanasova and Nicholay Smolinski -11a class, Plamena Berberova, Natalia Nacheva, Yordanka Atanasova -10 class, Ralitsa Ranova - 7a class, Nelly Marginska- 6a class and 3 teachers - Ivelina Dusova - project coordinator, Neliyan Nedkov – assistantheadmaster and Tsvetanka Pavlova- music teacher.
In addition to the existing mathematics, nature, art and architecture phenomenal discoveries
of Golden Ratio, on this last meeting the peculiarities of the Golden Ratio in music were discussed. Many classical composers like Mozart, Bach and Chopin used the Golden Ratio for the creating of some of their famous sonatas and symphonies. Now, this phenomenon can be seen in works of new, modernistic music.

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Our students and the students from the other four countries previously created presentations of works demonstrating the elements of the Golden Ratio and Divine proportion in musical works.Also, students from each country presented an exhibition of items from previous meetings. Products of the meeting in Bulgaria and elements of our folklore were represented on our stand. On the closing ceremony of the project, all groups of partner countries presented their countries for 5 minutes. Our students were presented with a performance of a song and two dances. Along with the extremely busy program of the project meeting, our students visited an attraction rope town and they participated actively in all activities. They had a day trip to Budapest, floated by boat on the Danube and the last day they were in the horse farm where they participated in all activities, watched a show and prepared themselves Hungarian goulash and Hungarian pie. This meeting was filled with many pleasant experiences and they will remain in the memories.

The project "Golden Treasure We Share" was successfully completed. All meetings were extremely fruitful for all of us. Hopefully we shall to continue to seek opportunities to work on similar projects, giving our students new skills, new friendships and unforgettable memories.

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