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The students of “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School presented wreaths to the monuments of the patron of the school -Ivan Vazov. Then the students took part in the competition called, "Do I know Bulgaria?”. The four students’ teams provoked interest of all students to the cultural heritage of our country with knowledge of the natural, architectural and historical landmarks. In the first round the participants presented in an attractive way: a house museum "Ivan Vazov", the Rada’s school, a monastery of St. Spas and the area“Anevsko Kale”. In the second round teams "traveled" around Bulgaria by thoughts. In the third round - the students showed us flexibility, observation, dexterity, and of course knowledge. Knowledge was assessed by a competent and impartial jury.
Ist place: the team of Mrs.
Vanya Nenkova and students Stella- ІVa, Anton - Vг, Angel - VІг, Romina VІІa, Slaveya - VІІІа, Petya –ІХа.
IInd place: the team of Mrs. Mariana Georgieva and students Veselina –
VІв, Miroslav. VІв, Iliana- VІІa Christina- VІІa, Nicoleta- ІХа.
IIIrd place: the team of Mrs. Veselina. Miryanova and
students DetelinaІVб, Preslav- Vг, Nedyalko- VІв, Stella-VІІa, Marina - ІХа.
th place: the team of Mr. Doncho Tashkov and students Christian-ІVб, Christiana –Vг, Atanaska-VІІв, Simeon - VІІв, Magdalena-ІХа.
After the race
the students enjoyed the singing and dancing heritage of Bulgaria and Europe. It was presented by the vocal group led by Tzvetanka Pavlova, the dance team led by Margarita Gudeva and Hristo Hristov, individual performances of Radosveta from VІІб, Lazar fromand Victoria from Хa. Some of our previous students who are graduates of “St. Cyril and Methodius” School of Choreography in Plovdiv addressed special greetings to all of us.

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