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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:59



Bulgarian people have many dates in the long history that we remember very well. There are dates that we are proud of them. There are dates that we remember with sorrow and despair. One of the brightest, the most remarkable is March 3rd - National Day of Liberty.

Students from the special classes of History /6 grade /and their teacher Vanya Nenkova were inspired by campaign of the show "Let's talk" at BTV and on the Eve of National Day they finalized the project "1330 steps on the path of glory."

Posters are showing the historical events through which passed the development of the Bulgarian state. We can feel the strong spirit of the Bulgarian people during the periods of prosperity and national ratification; beginning from the time of the establishment of Old Great Bulgaria in 632 year, passing in economic and political crises. The exhibition hints at Iron curtain and reaches New Time looking for new ways.

Therefore, the message to students from "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School is:

Future depends on us!

We would like to express our gratitude to “Dream Team Productions” for the endowment - a DVD "Great Rulers".

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