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Thursday, 08 March 2012 13:51



663 students from 30 different places of the country competed in their knowledge and skills in Maths in the third race of the competition "Oum, the white dolphin" that held on February 18th 2012, devoted to the National Day of Liberty of Bulgaria 3rd March.

Mrs. Radostina Georgieva, a headmaster of „Ivan Vazov" Secondary School presented with silver medals and certificates:

Paola Nedyalkova Dusova from 2a class and Angelina Nikolaeva Lazarova from class.

Congratulations! Keep it up in the future!

The next stage of the race for the Cup "Oum, the White Dolphin" will be held on March 23rd 2012. We wish success to all current and future participants!

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