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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 08:51



Spring feeling and spirit at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school, was brought by a flock of storks that circling over the schoolyard as early as March 17th . Nearby, a fruit tree was covered with traditional symbol of spring “martenitsa”. Some of the children sought pebbles and put there untied red-white strings and wish themselves some nice things.

A day before the astronomical spring by the initiative of the Student Council a spring happening was held. The participants were divided into groups. Most of them took an active part in decoration. Doors and windows at school were decorated by bunches of flowers and butterflies. A mural in the main school lobby will enjoy everyone and creates spring spirit. It was the most responsible task of the school artists. They carried out their project „The sun shines for all”. The flower garden in front of the school will enjoy students and teachers by the end of the school year. Students from Primary school put many spring paintings in their classrooms. Computer fans prepared cards and presentations on the topic.

On March 21, at 7.14 the astronomical spring came in Bulgaria. Students, teachers and parents of „Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in Sopot is greeted it with a smile and good feeling. "Happy Spring" instead of "Good Morning" is heard everywhere. Presentations and lively music diversify school breaks. How nice to be colorful, fun and mostly warm and sunny.

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