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On this slogan, teachers in PE at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School organized a spring tournament of the campaign of the Ministry of Education - "Participate and change". The sporting events started in March. The end of the tournament was held on 21 April at the town stadium "Metallic" with an excellent organization, sunny weather and desire for success. There were no cheerleaders, but the fans were very enthusiastic in their support. With posters, applause and encouragement "Come on!" the fans empowered the athletes. From time to time, of course, it could hear some whistling in the expression of discontent.

Teams from I to XI grades competed in a traditional relay. All participants were presented worthy. Some faster, others more difficult, but all reached the finish line.

For the first time we held a contest for throwing a ball into the goal. Children with special educational needs and their classmates played against teachers. It turned out that to hit into a top ten was impossible in the first round, but next attempts gave opportunities of chance to more participants.

For the first time three teams consisting of teachers competed in a tug of war.

On the pitch, a long-awaited football final has played. The dispute was between VII a class and VII â class and it finished with a score of 5:4. Outstanding players of the youth team "Metallic" demonstrated football skills. Fifth and sixth grades held competitions at schoolyard. On 21 April 2012 on the podium went Va class and VI á class.

In advance, in the school gym, volleyball matches were played among VII grades. On the festival, the girls of VII â class received their awards.

As of any race, there were winners and losers.Those who took the first places looked forward to the ceremony and proudly showed the medals. For the second and third there were key- chains and badges. All participants were supported with some treats.

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