Wednesday, 25 April 2012 12:55



Panasonic organized some educational eco-events worldwide. "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in the town of Sopot was included in their European educational program designed for children from 7 to 11. “Eco-school for children'” allows students an easy and enjoyable way to learn about climate change and protecting our planet.
“Panasonic Bulgaria” provided free educational materials.

We formed three groups of all-day training, including students from III, IV and V grades. Teachers Todorka Docheva, Nina Sarieva and Zlatka Drunina will conduct eco-lessons in classes for activities of interest.

The start is part of the school initiatives for Day of Earth. On 23 April at 3 p.m. in the school library, the coordinator Slavka Tsilkova presented "Eco School for Children". She presented training materials and wished the students and teachers - fruitful work. Students will have to learn what pollution is, what is global warming, why the Earth's temperature increases, what the atmosphere is, what are greenhouse gases, what are the consequences of climate change and why it is dangerous. Students will complete their “Green pictorial diary and participate in the contest for “Green pictorial diary, organized by Panasonic.