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Traditionally, in May we organized initiatives in respect to the patron of our school - Ivan Vazov. Students from I to IV grade, arranged exhibitions of paintings and posters, "I am Bulgarian" and "Our happy childhood". Students from V grade presented projects made during the lessons in . Classes in choreography, art and local studies cooperated in last spring festival of Bulgarian ritual calendar. On the Eve of St. George holiday, in the early morning of May 4, 2012 students, teachers and parents seated in the Hall of "Ivan Vazov" Community Centre. At first, we recalled some moments of school life with a presentation of photos - memories of unforgettable moments and leading students made a flashback to all initiatives in 2011/2012 .And then there was a fun part - traditions and customs of St. George. Students from I to VII grade participated in the reconstruction of this festival. Some rituals were introduced: with geranium and gums, with the lamb, with a table with fresh bread and cheese, with songs and music, with dances, with St. George's Day swing, with games, laughter and banter of the girls and lads. The audience not only applauded, but also sang along and tapped.

But could we celebrate without guests? The theater "Mag production” was a surprise to all of us. Ivona Encheva and Plamen Petkov met the youngest students on the scene. They presented as real actors, went quickly in the roles and even improvised. There was incredible excitement, laughter and fun in the hall. The famous magician and actor Nencho Ilchev was the great surprise of the show. Focus after focus, magic after magic, surprise after surprise. Many of the students assisted Nencho. But for all, that they saw, remained an illusion.

Finally, we put on wreaths to the monuments of Ivan Vazov to respect our tradition in honor of our patron.

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