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Friday, 11 May 2012 19:18


On May 9 2012, students from 1 to 12 grade "took" management at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in the town of Sopot.

On this day, ambitious and enterprising students occupy places of their leaders - headmaster, assistant-headmasters, school counselors, teachers, librarians, accountants at school. On an initiative of the Ministry of Education students organize the learning process; solve problems related to educational and administrative activities of the school.

The day was extremely busy for the leadership in the face of Plamena Berberova – headmaster and Victoria Boycheva and Marina Moneva- assistant –headmasters because at 10.00 held an external assessment for the students from 4th grade.



There were current problems, but they were able to verify some of his colleagues by issuing reports and analysis of academic activities. Paola Dusova from 2a class was awarded with a diploma and a medal for her third place on Easter Math competition "Oum, White Dolphin" by “headmistress” Plamena Berberova.

“New” teachers, from the smallest to the seniors, came into classes supportive to their classmates. They were kind and examined with desire, but did not forget to test teachers- titulars. They used interactive methods for teaching new material.

Although they know the children, who they worked with, the new teachers for students with special needs- Martin Todorov and Maria Lilova and pedagogical advisor - Ivan Dominov were embarrassed with the process of communication and training. Veselina Petkova and Nicoleta Krusteva as good mathematicians did great with the financial part but only failed to pay fees of new recruits. Magdalena Stoyanova, as a regular reader and participant in library initiatives could help in the selection of books and relevant information from the Internet and reference books collection to visitors. She acquainted with the specifics of internal library process and provided ideas for new projects. To celebrate 9 May - Europe Day students prepared presentations on the topic in IT classes.

For all of us this day was different and interesting, but for many of students an exciting experience in the adult world. In addition, maybe this is the first step towards their professional orientation.

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