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Monday, 18 June 2012 10:30


On June 10, 2012 the first national examination for students of choreography was held in Plovdiv. "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in Sopot was presented by a dance formation, including 52 students from specialized classes with the choreographer -Margarita Gudeva and the accompanist- Hristo Hristov. The forum was conducted with support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. The initiative is a school "St. St. Cyril and Methodius” from Plovdiv and it was not adversarial. It aims to support gifted children in dance and expand their creativity, to create conditions for the realization of cultural contacts of the groups, opportunities for exchange and enrichment of teaching experience in the Bulgarian folk choreography.

Ten members from Plovdiv and the region attended in the celebration. The celebration began with a parade of choreographic formations along the main street, starting from the Post Office at 16:30 and ending at the Ancient Theatre in Old Town. Citizens enjoyed laughing boys and girls in traditional costumes, welcomed the young generation, who lives with the rhythms and colors of the Bulgarian traditions and followed them to the Old Town. There the concert was held at the Ancient Theatre. The ceremony was officially opened by Ivanka Kirkova - Head of the Regional Inspectorate of Education. Special guest was Mrs. ElenaTarnichkova – a head expert in "General Education" in the Ministry of Education, which closed the ceremony and award certificates and plaques for all participants.

Our dancers presented the composition „Feast in the Rose Valley” which was unique and original. They presented the richness and beauty of dance and songs of their region by the accompaniment of the orchestra. St. George's Day swing, lively people and the jests of young men and women reminded recently resolved spring customs and traditions in the Bulgarian folk calendar. Teachers, parents and pupils were proud of the superb performance that gave them confidence for new creative projects.