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Thursday, 12 July 2012 08:16


Once again, students and teachers from "Ivan Vazov"Secondary School in the town of Sopot involved with initiatives in the week of the patron of the school - the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, on 162 anniversary of his birth.

Their first appearance was on July 3rd. Anna Yunakova an Art teacher and Head of the Art club to the Local Center for Children in the town opened an exhibition of children's paintings in the lobby of Community Center "Ivan Vazov -1871”. Our students presented a collage "With Vazov characters around Sopot” and described a part of school life with paintings.


On July 9th, with a great pleasure we listened to Professor Svetozar Igov in the town library in the traditional meeting-discussion who was the owner of the National Literature Award "Ivan Vazov" in 2012. His unfeigned love to the sub Balkan towns and his sweetest memories excited guests.

From 15.30 to 17.30 hours in the yard of a House -Museum "Ivan Vazov" a surprise welcomed all who crossed the threshold of the home of the poet at this time.

"I, you, he…we read Vazov" - reading for pleasure with students and teachers from "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in Sopot was the initiative launched by the visitors who were given a unique ticket - the work of staff at the museum. The visistors got a card for memory with an excerpt from a poem of Ivan Vazov and a student drawing from Vazov works.

However, do not expect gifts impressed the guests. In this hot July day, under the vine, between boxwoods the visitors heard the Patriarch's poems, read with children of the 21st century. It is really precious, cherished and unique experience during the day. Every visitor was sitting down and reading with the children the novel of Ivan Vazov "Under the Yoke". Which is more romantic place than the house of Ivan Minchov Vazov for „Great Reading

This initiative was varied by inspirations, recreated with a brush and palette.

Students from the school served a wreath in front of the monument of Ivan Vazov – recognition and a tribute to the patron of the school.

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