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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 13:23


An excitement surrounding of the first day of our school always fills us with a lot of emotion and excitement. All students, their parents and teachers are smiling, enjoying cute kids with a flower in their hands for their teachers. This day is not a holiday, but really, the festive atmosphere around it is amazing. Today it coincided with the religious holiday of Holy Martyrs - Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love, which pays tribute to faith, hope, love and wisdom.

The first school day of the 2012/2013 year for students from "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School in Sopot began solemnly with the Anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria and the raising of the tricolor. Welcome speeches addressed Mrs. Radostina Georgieva – Headmaster of the school and Mr.Kamen Sharaliev - Deputy Mayor of Sopot.

On that day, students do not think about homework, class work or tests. They enjoy meeting their classmates and teachers.

Some kids made a magic show and said “Goodbye to summer holiday”. They fell into the world of Harry Potter and it was certainly entertaining for all students. A dance of witches and the mysterious magicians took us to school for magic. However, the summer holiday is over. And the school bell rang!

The hearts of first graders beat faster when they overstepped the “6”, which was covered with flowers. Of course, all of them were welcomed by their class teacher Radka Klaklova and the teacher for add classes -Stefka Angelova. In their colorful classroom was a seat on the desks with textbooks and notebooks. All students proved on that they could peacefully sit and were careful. It remains only to learn to write, read and think.

We wish all students, teachers and parents a successful new school year!

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