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Monday, 22 October 2012 10:05


This autumn is the most beautiful: sunny, warm and suitable for outdoor activities.
It’s Friday- the end of the week. Sun is smiling in the morning and the forecast weather’s broadcast is for an untypical warm day.
The schoolyard is filled with students and teachers who are wearing in sport clothes. Some of them are running, others are jumping, throwing the ball, playing volleyball or soccer. There are bicycle enthusiasts and those who show mastery of table tennis.
Nobody is bored. They are playing, shouting, whistling. There are also planned individual and team games. Some are winners, some are losers, but they are not angry. It is funny and it is important in the game. Of course, there are gifts – candies and they are for all of us.

Relay with small balls - Va
Relay with big thick balls - VI
в class
Jumping with bags – VІІ
в class
Pulling the rope/ VIII grade/ - VIII a
Pulling the rope /X -XII grade/ - XIIa
Throwing a medical ball - Andrei Atanasov-VIII a, Georgi Luchev-VIII
б, Dian
Vasilev - VIII
б, Ivo Stoyanov -XIIa, Andrei Yakimov- XIIa, Plamen Valkov- XIa
Long jump /Boys/ - Andrei Anastasov-VIII a, Plamen Kanev-VII
б, Iliyan Iliev- VІІв,
Veselin Stoyanov -XIa
Long Jump / Girls /- Christiana Stefanova-VІІ
в, Marina Moneva- XІa
Juggling with a soccer ball - Yanko Totev-VIIa, Andrei Atanasov – VIIIa, Christiyan
The most active participant is Andrei Atanasov from VIIIa
Congratulations to the winners!
We wish our students a good training to the spring sport festival in April next year!

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