Sunday, 17 February 2013 15:15


14 February – what kind of holiday is it? A Holiday of Wine or a Holiday of Love? For all students at „Ivan Vazov" Secondary school is clear – A HOLIDAY OF LOVE. An intensive preparation has been going for weeks. Who can help is welcome: some with ideas, others with skillful hands, third with knowledge of lovers that are enrolled in world history. Some students took care of the decoration box and love messages, others prepared an anthology of love poetry in a non-standard format.

It’s 14 February. It is so lovely to enter the school, get a massage - „Happy Valentine’s Day”, and give you a bracelet-heart. It is so nice to see the panel projects in red, a great collection of poems and a beautiful box. You really will remember to send "I love you" to someone. How nice, it sounds nice music at school, monitors replace slide after slide, dotted with red hearts and lots of information on this holiday. And you wince in expectations of the arrows of Amor ...

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