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Monday, 27 May 2013 12:54


It is the first time that the students from ‘Ivan Vazov’ Secondary School have taken part in the 6th competition, which is organized by the Association of Bulgarian Teachers from elementary schools, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and the Confederation of Bulgaria Teachers. The students from 3rd and 4th Grade had to do tests in the following categories: ‘The world, nature and I’, ‘The numbers and I’, ‘The letters and I’. Six of them reached the final of the competition. Paola Dusova from 3A, Hristo Tzvetkov from 3B and Izabela Marinova from 4A were rewarded with diplomas. Jeni Peeva from 3A, Joana Josifova from 4B and Martin Tochev from 4B are the winners with the maximum of total points.

Congratulations students!

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