Tuesday, 17 September 2013 12:13

The new 2013/2014 school year began solemnly  on the square ”Ïvan Vazov”, at 9 a.m., on  September 16th    2013,  to the strains of the 61st Straymska Mechanized Infantry. The Vicar performed a rite, after the raising of the flags. Schools and kindergartens  were  greeted for the new school year on behalf of the Mayor of Sopot. After a short program and the floral tribute in front of  the monument of Ivan Vazov – the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, the ceremony was over.

Having observed the customs and traditions, the first school day began  in Ïvan Vazov” Secondary School, Sopot at 10 a.m. There were many congratulations to  and from students, a lot of emotion and excitement , many flowers and smiles, some rhymes and dances.

At the end of the school ceremony all students entered into the school through its symbol -“ The Number six” and all of them wished themselves to be valedictorians this year.

Good luck on the path of knowledge!

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