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Thursday, 14 November 2013 06:20

On Kindness day, it is better for us to look beyond ourselves and to offer someone a helping hand, to say one kind word to strangers and friends or just to sing the song: ”If only next to everyone good man stands at least one more ….”.

As a part of the national campaign “Against Bullying and Violence”, students at “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school, Sopot, made many good initiatives on 13th November. Volunteers had painted the symbol of the day – the open heart in every classroom and they had prepared a presentation about the celebration. Lessons started with writing of kind words and exercises for positive thinking. Except the most repeated words like “thank you”, “you are welcome”, “sorry”, “I love you”, students quoted proverbs and morals. Most students didn’t know anything about this celebration, but the idea of the School council was to make it popular, and this certainly would help to every one of us to spread kindness as he likes and as he does.

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