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Monday, 20 January 2014 13:43

The Bulgarian folk calendar begins with “Happy New Year” and ends with “Merry Christmas”. There are many unique national traditions which are kept up to now.

Students and teachers celebrated the January holidays at school. All students who had got a named day in January received greeting cards, which were prepared for them by students in 12th grade. Famous national holidays like St. Vasil’s day, St. Yordan’s day and St. Ivan’s day and main traditions connected with these days were shown as presentations. The day of st. Anton was not only a celebration for students named Anton or derivative names but also a real celebration for all.

The premiere of “Receipts of Granny”2014, edited by Mrs. Vidolova took place in school library. The authors presented attractively their receipts. The culinary show ended with tasting of a big number of delicious meals. Many stories about holidays in January, kept fpr centuries, were told by students and teachers.

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