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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 10:36

It is September again and the morning is cool. The schoolyard of Secondary School “Ivan Vazov”, Sopot is joyfully decorated and arranged. At the entrance of a school is attached a transparent titled "School, hello again", and a number of six is decorated with colorful balloons. The main reason for it is the opening of the school year 2013-2014.

Strengthened, tempered and relaxed, students with eager excitement have come back to school. All they expect to meet their classmates, who are their best friends now and to greet their teachers too. The first day of school has begun with a solemn meeting of the school flag and the raising of the Bulgarian tricolor under the sound of the anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria. The school principle, Mrs. Georgieva welcomed the students with "Welcome back again at school!" and gave the best wishes to the students, teachers and parents for the forthcoming school year. Father Marco – the vicar of Karlovo Eparchy, celebrated the whole mass and blessed them. The Mayor of Sopot, Veselin Lichev congratulated all students and wished them success in the way of students' knowledge, health and patience for their parents and teachers.

A short cultural program was the patriotic introduction for the first graders. They were taught with the history of Sopot and the school, they heard the anthem of Sopot, presented by the school cheerleading team.

Then the school bell rang. The small first-graders stepped across the threshold. According to the old Bulgarian custom, they were welcomed with bread and salt inside. This would be their unforgettable first day at school filled with excitement.

Happy first day at school to all students and teachers, and good luck!

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