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We learn from our history, we honour our ancestors and bring the flame of traditions with us PDF Print
Friday, 31 October 2014 16:58

According to the tradition, the week before 1st November is filled up with cultural events. Adi, Joana, Nichola, Tsetso and Preslav from 3rd grade with their form teacher Nena Staneva demonstrated their cultural knowledge in quiz “Enlighteners of Sopot”, organized by the National Cultural Center “Ivan Vazov” at the Rada’s School in Sopot.

On the other hand the 7th graders from Mrs Enkova’s class chose the cozy corners of Vazov’s yard to demonstrate their honour to Paisii Hilendarski’s Slovonic History, Chintolov’s songs and of course to odas of Vazov.

Students keen on History did an exciting walk though the ancient Karlovo, where every corner and every street is filled up with a memory of a Bulgarian Leader and Enlightener. Yana Mileva immersed students into that distant age of the Renaissance by the biographies of Botyo Petkov, Braiko Hadji Genov, Matthew Tantilov, Hristo Pop Vasilev and some interesting facts about the lifestyle of Karlovo in those days. The incredible and unforgettable experience would be left in each of students who touched the box with sand, the penholder and ink box, and the printing machine Rayno Popovich, and his first printed books. Students demonstrated their honour toIvan Bogorov, the person who published the first Bulgarian Newspaper and the most greatest Bulgarian donors – Evlogii and Hristo Georgievs.

Not only have we managed to keep us a people, as a nation through the words, but also we’ve done it through our Bulgarian customs and traditions like dances and songs. Without our dances and songs the image of Bulgaria and Bulgarian people will be incomplete. That’s why, students from Mrs. Gudeva and Mr. Hristov class at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School danced and sang songs, all of them were dressed in costumes taken from their grandmothers’ chests. In that way they expressed their attitude to the thousands of Bulgarian Enlighteners and expressed also their Bulgarian identity.

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