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Monday, 24 November 2014 13:29

On 21st November, the Eastern Orthodox Church marks the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, and in the Bulgarian orthodox calendar it is known as the Day of the Christian Family. Our ancestors have believed that the home is a sacred place for centuries, a place, where children have learn the most valuable life lessons and learnt the most important knowledge about the world.


According to the tradition at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School, Sopot this festival is celebrated among the first graders. A family is not just a mum, a dad, a grandmother,  a grandfather, a sister or a  little brother, nowadays, we spend more time at work and at school, and our classmates, teachers and parents become our family. On this day we honored the Blessed Virgin and prayed God "to live, to be healthy, and  always happy," We prayed for a warm fireplace, good feelings, love and good relationships among our close friends.

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