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Friday, 27 March 2015 12:19

On March 25, 2015 the Open Day was held at High School “ Ivan Vazov”, Sopot from 11am to 16:30 pm.

The youngest pupils signaled the beginning of children morning with “Hello, spring!”. They managed to learn all about the 25th March’s custom with the help of a presentation                   "Blagovets - the festival of uprising spring".  Children recited spring poems in Bulgarian and English. The most interesting element was the quiz about plants and animals.

School department  "Bulgarian language and literature" showed the diversity of our language, starting from the Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabet to the modern spelling, grammar and punctuation rules. A presentation enriched thestudents’ knowledge about  national and folk festivals in Bulgaria. Some students performed a few stories about their favorite hero Hitar Peter. Having fun, laughing, they looked for some tricks in their daily life.

"Learn English fast, easy and interesting" – was for those who did not believe what the   brainstorming and workshop can do.

At the computers’ cabinets have being demonstrated the modest technologies as “Scratch” and “Collages filled with animations”.

The department of "Natural Sciences and Ecology" is working on the theme "Nature our home" from the beginning of the school year. On this day,  it presented some designs about animals in Karlovo Valley and the "Sokolna" Reserve .

Stepping on the knowledge of Bulgarian geography and history, the brand-new student travel agency did a successful advertisement of four traditional destinations. We expect more interesting trips around our beautiful country.

The most massive appearance was of the Art department "Let’s do it together - from Blagovets to Easter".  It started with skipping of a fire for health, kneading of bread; beautiful lazarkini sang and danced colorful and stop- breathing dances; other students dyed and decorated eggs and baked Easter cookies.


What a good time is at school for all. Students are in their favorite lessons and their parents and relatives are proud of them, remembering their own days at school.

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