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Monday, 20 April 2015 18:59

The National Competition "Folklorna pletenica" is a student choreography competition. It is  only for students in IV, VII and XI-XII class and is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science. It allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, which are acquired at the end of the each stage of a primary, junior high and high school degree - specialized training; assists in summarizing and understanding of the educational curriculum of  Choreography in its compulsory or specialized training; creates conditions for the expression of all who are involved in a different competitions. Students demonstrate dance skills which are thematically united according to the curriculum.

This year, the first stage of the competition for students from Plovdiv District was held on 18th April. Fourth-graders and seventh graders of  High school ,, Ivan Vazov ", Sopot presented in  Karlovo dances as follows:

IV th  Class:

1. The popular Danube horo of Northern folklore area.

2. Right Thracian dance in 2/4 stroke size, singing, “Walking through the forest two young shepherd …”

3. Samokovsko hor in 9/8 size.

VII th  class

1.The popular  Daychovo horo in 9/8 size.

2. Voynyagovsko horo or “Iztarsi kaletz” in 7/8 time, singing: : The goldsmith was shouting …". The jury was so impressed by the performance and wished the dancers to repeat it  but without an accompaniment.

3. Selsko shopsko horo in 2/4 time.

The dancers were dressed in the traditional regulation costumes by the rules of the competition, presenting the shown district. All dances were mixed and followed by music. Mrs. Margarita Gudeva - the choreographer and Mr. Hristo Hristov-accompanist are very proud of their students.


We look forward to the results of the ranking.