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Sunday, 22 November 2015 11:52

On 20 November, the Child Association “National Network for Children”  has  organized a youth  forum “Voice it – Opinion matters” since 26 years of the signing the UN Convention on the Rights in  Hall № 8 of NDK, Sofia. The event was held within the project "Megaphone: Children and youth participation for good citizenship".  Young people from the whole country claimed the right to participate and comment the main topics, so did and the student council of  ,,Ivan Vazov” Secondary school,  Sopot.

During the day, everyone could take part in the discussions about problems of young people,  participate in workshops or  join to  youth theatre ensembles that have prepared interesting performances.

A musical greeting to young participants was sent by Angel Kovachev from X- factor.  Specific initiatives and ideas, made by children, young people and adults, who support them were presented by exciting presentations. Several youth groups presented original short videos, made by themselves, entitled "The change - we seek".

The afternoon was divided into different activities by panels, stalls and workshops, where each participant could find and participate in what he is interested in. "How to hold a session on children's rights in four steps and 45 minutes" was the topic of a workshop, organized by UNICEF. "To remove rights from the corner" and "How the ideas become into a reality" were the topics of two other workshops organized by experts and members of the "Megaphone".

Organizations that presented their work had their stands during the event and excited to audibility and understanding of the people across the street. The event was joined by volunteers from different companies.

Starring tenth graders Ivan Dominov, Tihomir Zlantanov and Mrs. Tsilkova in this event is a challenge for innovation in the work of the school's student council, which will help students from School Ivan Vazov , to ensure that any opinion counts, that every opinion should be heard and understood.


The change in each child-is a change in Bulgaria.

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