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Tuesday, 15 December 2015 17:53

It is said that reading is modern. But for students of  High school "Ivan Vazov", Sopot reading  is a tradition. Reading is a path on which we are going slower from "A, B, ..." and  fairy tales and fables, though  Vazov’s,   Yovkov’s  and Haitov’s works up  to Cervantes’ and Goethe’s. It is a pleasure to read books, which are not taught in class. However, books are funny, you can dream and develop your imagination, they can lead you to place, where you have never  been before. In this way you achieve   book love -with a help of constant reading. During the National Reading Week from 7 to 12 December, announced by the Ministry of Education, students read, discussed and illustrated different authors and their works. Now we are going on, because there are too many unread thoughts .

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