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Christmas holidays are one of the most exciting and the most favorite celebrations for each family. Everyone has a sense of Christmas magic.

Students from High School “Ivan Vazov", Sopot have had an annual ritual, providing warmth and comfort in December in eager anticipation of the holiday. Despite the unusual, warm weather, the school has been decorated as usual with garlands, glittering balls, silver deer, colored lights, artificial snow, Santa Claus’ house and shining in  gold Christmas tree. They  welcome students, teachers and guests every day.

The festive mood has been created by numerous initiatives. The beginning was laid by the choreographic classes, participating in the solemn lighting of the Christmas tree. A festive table for Christmas Eve has been ranked by the students of the EPA Cooking and recreated the tradition. Our students have taken part in the initiatives NS "Ivan Vazov-1871". Christmas cards of six graders Petya Chonova and Gabriella Karailanova were awarded in "My magical Christmas" competition. The third graders have participated with dignity in the game "Surva, surva and happy year" decorating surovachki, answering to questions in the thematic quiz, reciting poems and presenting folk dance.

The Christmas bazaar at school has dedicated to a charitable cause. Students, teachers and parents have invested their heart and soul in the production of  Christmas cards, souvenirs and sweets. The collected funds will be donated to the Children's onkohematologiya - Plovdiv. Fifth graders from all-day training have organized a competition with many crosswords, puzzles, puns and tasks. On the last school day of school two Snow whites, dwarves and a clown greeted every one with smiles and wishes for happy holidays, indulging fortune cookies to every one, crossed the school threshold. All students were looking for the missing  dwarves, when Santa Claus will come, but at the end of school classes no one showed up. Up beating  mood could be felt in the selfies  and Christmas photo sessions, in the hallways and  classrooms.


Very merry, bright and cozy holidays

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