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Friday, 21 October 2016 15:30

From 10th to 14th of October the Ministry of Education has pronounced A National Week of Reading for the second time. It is connected with the Action Plan of  the National strategy to promote and improve  literacy skills.(2014- 2020).

“Ivan Vazov” Secondary school has taken a part this year again, doing different activities.

Some reading comprehension exercises has been done in Bulgarian language lessons. This had a competitive character in some of the classes. In afterclasses’ activities primary school pupils has read some funny books about mischievous literary characters and painted the favourite ones.

A company, named “Active readers” has started in the school library with the 2nd and 5th grade students. All the three 5th grade classes had a literary lesson in the school library and were involved in the magical world of the ancient mythology. Reading has been continued in the afterclasses’ activities.

Fourth grade students were provoked to take part in a Readers relay named “Patilan’s adventures”.

The second grade students dedicated their music lessons  to  Vazov’s children poems and sang some of them as songs.

A different point of view has made the 10th grade students – they has written some annotations to their favourite books.

Special guests were the children from the nearby kindergarten “Sunny childhood”. They have listened  about the  adventure stories in a farm , invented  their own stories and dramatized them.

On the 20th of October there will be a meeting with Haigashot Agasjan. All the primary age students are very thrilled and learn the lyrics of his songs.

The Reading marathon  will continued with some planned activities during the school year.


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