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Thursday, 17 November 2016 14:38

Some teachers and students by “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school took part in the continuing company  “One supporting kind of teacher in the digital epoch 2016”. The big aim of this initiation is to be encouraged the dialogue between the students and their teachers connected with the safe and responsible behavior in using the Internet. And to be developed the student’s digital and media competence.


Some students by the 6b class had got one different kind of Information Technology lesson in the school library. They have been divided into two teams – the 1st one named ‘Flashko’/ shortly by a flash card/ and the 2nd one “Spamcho” /connected to the word spam/ . They’ve solved different cases. The other part of the students took part in discussions about some kinds of risk in using Internet, gave some resolutions and  argued in different actual problems. Because the theme of the safe Internet is endless. It’s very important to be discussed  the safest ways in using the social nets. Digital and Media literacy is very important and helps the students to form some basic  digital technology skills in different situations of real life – learning , finding  some information, social life, entertainment and communication.

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