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Monday, 21 November 2016 20:04


On November 21st according to the Orthodox church is the Blessed Virgin day. It’s a Christian Family Day in the Bulgarian folk calendar. Since a long time ago our ancestors have believed that our home is a sacred place where children learn the most precious lessons about life and the world. It’s an authentic  Bulgarian celebration. This is a mixture between the orthodox canon and folk traditions saved during the long years ago.

There is a tradition in our school to celebrate this day and all the students by the religious club get around the festive table. On the table have to be put a special kind of a traditional Bulgarian round bread /pitka/. Elder students tell the legend about little Mary to the smallest 1st grade pupils . That’s a symbolizing introduction into the big family of our school. Taking part in these wonderful Bulgarian customs, they have learnt the Christian piety and belief , respect and goodness. There were a lot of guests here – parents, teachers , children by the nearby kindergarten “Sunny childhood”. All of them applaud dances, songs and the culinary competition.


When the celebration ended, there was a blessed prayer.

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