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This year(like all the previous ones) in the days, preceding 19th of  February,the students by “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school took their tribute to one of Bulgarian Saints – the Apostle of Bulgarian Liberty. There were different kinds of lessons about famous Bulgarian patriots during 15 – 17th of February period. In the nunnery’s yard/of the local nun monastery/,the place, where Hristina(the nun who has been saved Levski’s life), there was a conversation about the life and activities of V.Levski,initiated by the Chairman of the Bulgarian Committee V. Levski in Sopot.

In the school library Mr P. Berliev took a lecture about the teacher’s years of Vassil Ivanov Kunchev in Voinjagovo. At the end there was a short quiz by the 5th grade students.
The smallest 1st grade pupils in their first visit in the school library have read the book “My first book about Levski” and everybody of them received a book – ‘Tell me a story about Levski” – sponsored by FC “Levski”.
In “ Ivan Vazov” house-museum the literary club “By Vazov to Vazov – on the memory’s road” has taken a part in the commemorative celebration of the anniversary of V. Levski’s hanging. They showed a presentation “Do you remember Levski?”. They also presented one of the greatest Vazov’s odes and some  aphorisms which everybody of us mustn’t forget.
On 19th of February all the students  honored the memory of the great son of Bulgaria and put some flowers in front of the monuments in Sopot and Karlovo.

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