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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 13:14


On 22nd February 2017 the students and teachers by “Iv. Vazov “ Secondary school – Sopot have commemorated this day for the fifth time. During the month of the safe Internet 11th A class has prepared and showed a presentation about the cyberbullying. A poster has been made by the students of 11b.
In the school gym there were some lessons under the motto : “No bullying at school”. Some students drew “No” with their bodies. Using the initiative of the student’s committee, the students prepared different positive messages and in the long break, they made a “Friend’s tree”.

There are different kinds of bulling – verbal, physical or online. No matter what kind it is – it’s real not in a school or two. The days like this one are a real example how to make a “School without bulling”.