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Thursday, 20 April 2017 12:35

From 7th to 9th April the students of the literary “Your lesson “club and their teacher Mrs Mirjanova went on an excursion which big aim was to visit more places connected with life and the literary work of Ivan Vazov. And to prepare more materials about the film dedicated to the Patriarch of the Bulgarian literature.

In Sofia they were special guests to the Minister of Education – Prof. Nikolai Denkov. After the conversations  they gave him a picture from the Ivan Vazov’s home town and he gave them a special edition of “Under the yoke” novel.  The History expert by the Ministry of Education told the students some stories about the period when Ivan Vazov was a Minister of Education. Till this day Vazov’d bureau is used in minister’s room. And this was the reason to film a part of the movie exactly there.

The next place they have visited was the National “Ivan Vazov” theater. His dramatic works have been presented from its establishment till these days. In the big hall there is a special chair. It is upholstered in a different color than the others. This is Ivan Vazov’s chair. Mrs Popcheva showd the children all the places in the theatre. There was an improvised recital in the small hall.

Close to the theatre’s quarter is situated the small house where Ivan Vazov spent his last days. Among authentic exhibits and possessions . the students learnt some curious facts about Vazov’s life. They were slightly disappointed not to see the heart of the poet and the Silver lira.

On the poet’s grave they met Janko Lozanov. He captured the hearts of the children with his patriotic speeches and recited some  poems.

The next part of the trip were the favourite Vazov’s places in  the Iskar Gorge. At the Ochin dol complex the students have recited some poems and draw pictures dedicated to this place.

Cherepishki monastery was the next stop. There is a special place there connected with Ivan Vazov’s story  “One Bulgarian woman”. And of course the students visited the home of Pena Cvetkovska – the prototype of grandmother Iliitca.


The last place they have visited was Berkovitza – there is a house where Ivan Vazov lived from March 1879 till September 1880 as the Chairman of the District Court. That’s not a long period but it is one of the most beneficial. A long years after he has lived there the poet found some plots from this region.

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