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Thursday, 22 June 2017 16:46

Students from different grades of "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school  took part in a youth project of the Bulgarian National Television. They shot all their actions, conversations, disputes and walks with cameras, smartphones, and selfie sticks.. The real part of the filming was done by the reporter Stoil Roskev and the operator Anna Andreeva in June.
Using the fund of the school's library on the subject, the students and their mentors stood on the books of their teacher Peter Berliev - "The Origin of the Monk's Name of Vasil Levski-Deacon Ignatius" and "Sopot Male Monastery of St. Spas" (Referee of the Lord). They united in the search for the answer if there are any remaining material traces of Vassil Levski in their city. Investigating and discovering little known or forgotten facts about the person of the Apostle of Freedom, they were trying to find out whether the  deacon clothes, still preserved in the Sopot Monastery, belongs really to Levski.
The youngsters left the school library on the steep road to the St. Spas Monastery. They stopped in the square and remembered Vasov's works about Levski. They bowed to the monument of Vasil Ivanov Kunchev in Sopot. They reached the ladie"s chapel and had the opportunity to enter into the cell of nun Hristina and the hiding place of Levsky, where he was hiding. They told the legends that were passed from mouth to mouth by the old inhabitants of Sopot.
Climbing down the steep stairs to the Trapeto, they recalled the history of the city and continued through the pine forest to the St. Spas Monastery and reached this holy place that remembers and preserves the centuries-old Bulgarian history and they were fortunate to touch the deacon clothes that everyone who had crossed the church and bowed in front of the glass window with the stench and the orator that deacon Ignatius had dressed for.
With the short student film to be broadcast on BNT on the eve of the 180th anniversary of the birth of the greatest Bulgarian-Levski, the researchers from "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school will prove that these clothes had belonged to Lwvski, in spite of the fact they were only once worn by the deacon Ignatius.