Monday, 27 May 2019 07:20

A day before the traditional Mayday rebuilding of the April uprising, the students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade of  "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school- Sopot visited Koprivshtitsa. They spent the picturesque Balkan town, preserved the memory of the heroic events of 143 years ago, preserved the spirit of the Revival on the cobbled paths leading to the houses of Todor Kableshkov, Georgi Benkovski, Dimcho Debelyanov, Petko Lyutov and the small souvenir shops.


The students visited the Museum of Bread and Traditional Food and enthusiastically joined the workshop. The museum was created for family and children's traditions to learn to knead bread and to remember that patriotism is not just a celebration of anniversaries and dressing in folk costumes. In it, the story of the food comes alive not only with the exposed exhibits, but also tells the children the story of the way of the bread from the grain to the slices. They wrapped themselves in their sleeves, immersed in the atmosphere, and dipped dough, baked Easter cookies and enjoyed the taste of their own hands.