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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 19:17


Yes, we know how important is this moment for each graduated student...

The exam was passed. And here comes 22 May, the day of a prom of 12th class of  "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School."
And the story
is begining:
Shiny cars, decorated with balloons
went through Sopot streets and stopped in front of “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School.
"How beautiful you are!" –
these were the first words of  Vesselina Miryanova which is hardly recognizable as their class teacher, but of all their teachers.
With smiles
the students posed in the courtyard of the school for a photo with a friend or a favorite teacher.
Then they went to the town square, where many people were gathered. They passed, and later the students from “Vladimir Zaimov” Profesional School. Among them there were mothers and fathers, grandparents, relatives and friends. They watched, commented, asked and often we could hear the reply: “They are young are nice and I hope to be able to fulfill their dreams.
They went to Yaev restaurant. There were favorite music, songs and dances. It's prom - an awesome day. New day is coming, and with it - a new life. And now? Surely everyone with your knowledge and skills will find his way.

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