Wednesday, 01 April 2015 12:38

All students from “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school took part in the long-awaited sports festival on 31st, March at the stadium of Sopot. Fulfilled the excitement and supported by their teachers,  students from first to twelfth grade raced in the relay race, throwing the small ball and pulling of a robe. Their fans were on the benches and supported them by the posters, screams and whistles. Nobody was bored. There was the opportunity for free activities. Some of the students raced around the stadium, others jumped on the robe, young and grown-up students played with the hoops, we saw also sparing freestyle. The dancers were impassioned and turned the stadium into a stage. The fans of the most popular sport – football supported the two teams of sixth and seventh graders. The match ended 2:1 and,  it was an uncontroversial friendly result.


31st March was an incredible sports day.

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