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Sunday, 05 November 2023 18:08

In the 2023/2024 academic year, the library at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school – Sopot, is a partner in the project "Reading from the beginning" of the group "Sun" from "Sunny Childhood" kindergarten. In the last week of October, they presented a dramatization of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood ", under the leadership of Mrs. Sakutova and Mrs. Valcheva. The guests of the theatrical performance were the students of the 2nd grade, with class teacher Milena Ruseva and Ralitsa Doninska - the head teacher of the school. Everyone sang together and had fun with the fairy-tale characters.

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Sunday, 05 November 2023 18:05

Maria Doneva has entered at the school library and there became magical. She surprised the second graders with an impromptu opera performance. The actress presented them the rules of the opera and gave an author's poetry recital. She read her poems to the fourth graders. Then read and almost acted out "Zog and the Flying Doctors" - a book by Julia Donaldson, but translated by herself. They talked about the things of life - what and how to love, what is right and wrong, how to be happy and successful.

The meetings ended with applause, hugs and a message from the author: "Read books, read a lot, write whenever you feel like it even a little bit, do what you love - if it's within the law. Do what you love.”

The activity is under the NP "Ensuring a modern, secure and accessible educational environment", Module "Modern environment for quality education in humanities, arts and sports".

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Friday, 27 October 2023 17:00

On the eve of the Day of the Bulgarian teachers, the students of the fifth grades at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School, on the initiative of Mrs. Maria Lucheva, organized and held a thematic competition. Teams from 5.A, 5.B and 5.B classes competed in twelve rounds of the following areas: Bulgarian Heroes, Beautiful Nature, Remarkable Rulers, Unique Geography, Bulgarian Pride, Bulgarian Heroes, Remarkable Cities, Beautiful Nature, Great Rulers, Ancient treasures. They showed excellent knowledge and earned the applause of his classmates and teachers. Out of thirty-six questions, two were the wrong answers.

Mrs. Ralitsa Doninska – the head teacher of "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school and Mr. Milen Dimitrov - chairman of the jury awarded the participants in the quiz.

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