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                                                                        Today, on the 29th of March, 2010, Pippi Longstocking was a guest of the students of 1st grades at “Ivan Vazov” Secondary school, on the occasion of "A special holliday of letters".
Students demonstrated that they c
ould read and write, and listened to his teachers. They recited poems and felt like actors. They told what would happen as they got older. Of course with pleasure Pipilota showed how to dance, and she advised them to participate in "Bulgaria is seeking talents.” They asked some questions to teachers and parents and felt like a real "star reporters

  After many reservations, Pippi finally promised
young students that after the Easter holidays she would be their classmate.

      Students received congratulations from Mrs. Ivelina Dusova – assistant
- headmistress, from their class teachers: Maria Angelova and Christina Kaneva and from a parent - Mrs. Peeva. They were happy to receive gifts: books to read and a nice cake-book.

      A good time on the road to knowledge, dear