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Sunday, 16 October 2011 14:40


Emil Cholakov – the famous Bulgarian weatherman says: "There is no bad weather. The mood influences the weather." Students of "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school took part in the autumn sport festival. On 14th October, 2011, in the morning, sun smiled, but a little after 9 o'clock clouds were appeared and it started to rain.

History of the Olympic Movement, Olympic sports and the achievements of Bulgarian athletes were presented in the classrooms. Once the sun was appeared, the yard and playground was filled with exciting teams, with shouts of supporting classmates and a lot of fun emotions.

As in every race winners received prizes / delicious sweets /.

Congratulations to the first winners, greetings to all organizers and participants, many thanks to the audience.


Pulling of rope- grade, 5в grade, 9a grade

Relay with small balls - 5в grade

Relay with a large solid ball- 6а grade

Relay with jumping sacks- 7в grade

Juggling with a soccer ball- Peter Semkov / 7в grade /

Long jump - Miroslav Tsankov / 7в grade/ and Ivo Stoyanov / 11a grade/

/ See pictures in "Gallery" /

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