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Thursday, 21 May 2020 10:27

Native Speech Project

In the month of spirituality and culture, the students from 5.A class initiated and implemented their project together with the vocal group. They presented the poem by Assen Raztsvetnikov "Native Speech" and the song "Native Speech".


My Favorite Book Project

5.B class students love to read. For them, reading books is a pleasure.


The letters

(project in fine arts V-VIIth classes)

"Who donated fraternal peoples with letters?"

Cyril and Methodius - the good brothers.

Today we wreath them all over the country.

We proudly glorify their names. "


To celebrate the letters at "Ivan Vazov" Secondary school to the great regret of first graders and their parents this school year is not traditional. But despite the circumstances, students drew, read and recited online and showed that they were already literate.


"How to make a book"

(Technology and Entrepreneurship Project 5-9 grade)

The book is a modern miracle. The path of the book is long. The students from "Ivan Vazov" Seconadary school prepared their book projects on the eve of May 24th.