Library of „Ivan Vazov" Secondary School will celebrate the International Day of Children's Book Print
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 16:59



Program 2012

Lessons of an extracurricular reading:

2nd grade - Hans Christian Andersen

3rd grade - Roald Dahl

4th grade - Erich Kästner

2 - 5 April, 2012, 12.00 h. - 15.00 h

Marathon Cinema /Incl. Screened Children's books /

March 28th ,2012

1st grade - Feast of The Letters

April 2nd ,2012

2nd grade A Trip to Fairy Kingdom

The celebration coincides with the birthday of one of the most famous writers - Hans Christian Andersen, who created some of the most wonderful stories of all time.

It will be a long celebration – come with us and you will be involved. You will find that reading is fun.

Students from 2a class already started. On March 15th , an extracurricular reading was held in the school library. Students became acquainted with the life and works of Andersen, they read and listened to stories, drew illustrations. Those students who did well with the test received some awards. Only they have to read all stories of the amazing storyteller.


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